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Anomalous Disturbances "HovR"
The follow up to "The Spirit Molecule"

following up his first release "The Spirit Molecule", Terry O'Brien of Anomalous Disturbances has created a fantastic work with "HovR". totally engaging, spellbinding and beguiling, this disc hasn't left my stereo since I got it.

it begins quietly enough with "Strange Fruit". subtle movement, the occasional suggestion of crickets. but soon the subtlety gives way to larger more apparent tones, more obvious motion.

floating, looping dreamscapes follow in "Apparitions" where looping guitars play underneath a sweeping and building backdrop. beautiful work, very engrossing.

"Ploughing the Clouds" is a shorter piece, very effectively creating an atmosphere and environment in a very short period of time. i quite enjoyed this piece and would be very curious to see how it would evolve, perhaps during a further exploration in a live setting.

title track "HovR" is an epic piece studying themes and ideas, moving slowly through spaces and times. a brilliant work this one, fully capturing the nature and intent of the release.

skip ahead to "Lost Time" where percolating notes grow and swell, passing through the listener's consciousness. a very ominous piece, tension building throughout. very impressive.

disc closer "Sombunall" sums it all up for the listener, a highly emotional piece of stark beauty that remains long after the last notes have been heard. a truly beautiful piece and an excellent way to end this disc.

needless to say, I think that "HovR" is a very strong release and I wholeheartedly recommend it. brilliant work.

rik - ping things

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