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Current "Communion"
Ambient grooves from Outer Space.

It starts off with the sounds of stars, a trip through distant nebulae, floating, moving in time with the pulse of the cosmos. "Communion" by Current is a trip through outer space, a journey measured in beats and tones. Sparkling sounds and alien rhythms abound throughout the disc, thick and enveloping, surrounding the listener like space itself while the bass forms a gravitational link between songs.

Opening track "Communion-Before Reality" features a simple keyboard melody twinkling like stars in the sky, the sounds of waves rising and falling, building in intensity. A stunning opener to be sure, made all the more beautiful by it's simple charms.

"Ghost Trip" introduces a groove element to the disc, a trippy track filled with squelchy bass and chilled beatz. A body movement influenced piece for sure, or perhaps just something to ease you into another state of mind.

Track three "Crossfield" maintains the groove and builds on it further. One can't help but be swept up by this track's infectious rhythms and primal bassline. It pulls on you like gravity, unescapable.

"Plaza Circular" slows the tempo just a touch, but enough to give you a moment to catch your breath. Synth lines circle and surround, simple but beautiful keyboard melodies dance around the senses. Charming.

"Sign/Alien" is both dark and foreboding with deep drones and gurgling synths creating a very sinister environment. A remarkable creation of atmosphere in a very limited time.

"Communion - Mode Selector" is a playful piece in contrast to the last, heavy percussion and synth lines rolling around eachother in an almost celebratory manner. Certain elements of this one bring to mind some of Delirium's more recent work. Quite impressive.

Opening with distorted and looped vocals, "Minor Abstraction" is a funky beat filled journey. Electronic percolation plays throughout and pads propel the piece forward. Very cool.

"Communion - Presence" closes the disc with the sound of deep bell tones and oscillating synths. A darker piece in tone, melodically there is a sense of hope and possibility to this track, a feeling of joining, of shared knowledge. An upbeat ending to a very satisfying release. Chilled and groovy, "Communion" is perfectly matched for those late night flights through the heavens. Recommended.

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