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Deep Chill Network "Live at the Ambient Ping 2000"
Sweeping ambience, beautiful soundscapes recorded live.

Performed and recorded live 1 August 2000 at the Ambient Ping in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Live recording engineers Scott McGregor Moore and Jamie Todd. Edited and mastered by Stephen Philips at Deep Space Studios with NO ADDITIONAL OVERDUBS.

"Sweeping & majestic are just two of the words that are conjured up in my mind as I listen to "Live at the Ambient Ping 2000". This live recording by Deep Chill Network brilliantly captures the essence of the ambient genre, showcasing a selection of organic and flowing works of sublime beauty & subtle emotionality. One cannot help but be spellbound by this release, get wrapped up in it's charms, enveloped by it's warmth - or chill as the case may be...

One of the many projects of Dark Duck Records founder Stephen Philips, Deep Chill Network "Live at the Ambient Ping 2000" is a fine example of the wonders of movement and the magic of the minimal."

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