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Embracing The Glass "Mandala For Chaos"
beautiful swirling ambience with vocal sweetening.

washes of atmospheric synth, guitar and guitar-synth interplay with silken-threaded, mostly lyricless vocal passages, and occasional ambient chants, creating soothing textures to transport you to a more peaceful place.

E.David - From Dust magazine

it's often difficult to find ambient music that involves the listener and really pulls them into the sound, but Embracing the Glass does just that. wow.

Melissa - Magick Circle Radio

voice and synth blend together in the fluid expanses of contemplative calmness

David J. Opdyke - The Ambientrance

unlike a lot of drone/sparse/minmal ambient music, i enjoyed "Mandala for Chaos" right away (i usually need a warming up period).... the album itself is moody but never oppressive... sparse and minimal, but also warm, human and organic, despite all the electronics. if this debut is any indication of what they're capable of, i hope to hear more in the future from Embracing the Glass."

Bill Binkelman - Wind and Wire

Shimmering. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of "Mandala for Chaos" by Embracing the Glass. Shimmering, floating, sweeping tones passing by the senses while subtle vocals glide through your perceptions. Rising, swelling, like the crest of a wave tugging you deeper into its grasp. Transcendent, inspired, a womb-like serenity.

Starting with slowly building pads paired with subtle vocals, opening track "Around" ebbs and flows like nighttime waves on a lonely beach. Growing in strength with each pass the waves grow more powerful, their pull becomes stronger and what was only a distant image a few moments ago now surrounds you.

Track two "Chasm of Faith" brings to mind a tranquil lake where drops of water make ever- expanding ripples throughout. Somber strings float past the senses while a vocal line made strong through it's restraint brings to mind the mournful call of sirens to unsuspecting sailors. One can't help but become mesmerized by their charms.

"Great Lakes Chain Gang" places the vocals more prominently in the mix, a layering of looped lines building on top of eachother to create a tapestry of voices. At times this track reminds me of Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance, something about the voice, the intonation, the phrasing. Cool stuff.

Closing track "Mandala for Chaos" uses harmonic pads as a backdrop for further vocal stylings, a beautiful blend of sounds that flow and melt into eachother creating a beautiful spiral of sound. Simply breathtaking.

Shimmering. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of "Mandela for Chaos" by Embracing the Glass. Something liquid, shining in the light, shifting and flowing, almost alive. Shimmering. Lovely. Yes.

rik - ping things

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