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Isaiah Toran "Another Way Home"
beautifully textured atmospheres designed to evoke self awareness.

they say that music soothes the savage beast, "another way home" soothes the mind and soul. "another way home" is an individual journey to that mystical place within each of us. a place to reflect a place to heal. "another way home" will help you on that journey.

this CD immerses you in shimmering soundscapes that speak to your soul.

ed w. - last chance studio

Isaiah Toran's debut album will take you to beautiful places in this world and beyond - but mostly into yourself! depending on your own mood, it is relaxing, inspiring, peaceful and moving. it will touch your soul....

the music is part gentle rain and part luminous rainbows.

Pop Beads

Reviewer: the sweetest, brightest sounds move in waves across and through the mind, picking you up and carrying you, weightless, drifting into an exquisite other world. in that moving, touching inner world, tears of joy mingle with profound sensations of awe and wonder. the music is part gentle rain and part luminous rainbows. it reminds you that, although we are biological, we are also beings of Light and Mind. the sounds lift you out of the ordinary, and leave you glowing, growing, and flowing, with an irreversible smile.

Richard Francis- life design consultant

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