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Mercurine "Music is Chemical"
the brilliant debut release from Mercurine. you'll be hearing alot more of them in the future...

I'll begin this review by just saying that it has been well worth the wait for this debut album. They've had a few teaser tracks up on mp3.com for a while, and so I was dying to hear the rest of the album. Needless to say I've been very pleased that they've stuck with the style in these introductory tracks.

The catchy mix of guitars, electronics and ethereal female vocals are present from the very start in the moving opening track "Walking West". The guitars and excellent bassline ebb and flow while layered synths add extra body and texture to the music while Mera's layered vocals flow throughout. The bass, synths and vocals all kick in for an excellent intro to the catchy track "ShakyShakee Bells". Set the shoegazer guitars aside and this track along with a few others is what really reminds me of Book of Love. Even the silly title is fitting. Of course the real track that really takes you back to the popular days of 80's New Wave music is "Nu Wave Fairy" with the little of light punk/wave sounds that were so fun back in the day. They bring this style alive with a fresh sound and feeling in this track for everyone to enjoy.

Of course for those that are more into the darker, moodier gothic/shoegazer/ethereal sounds, there is plenty more here. Tracks like the dark and melancholic track "Gone Too Far" is perfect for these fans. Beginning slow and building up with light synths, bass and of course building to a climax with excellent guitars and soaring vocals. "Will Morning Come" is one of the best tracks that is really catchy on this album. It quickly became my favorite teaser tracks and so have really enjoyed listening to it over and over again long before the album came out. Now that I have an entire album of great material to choose from though, It's hard to really choose a favorite.

If you really want to get into the ethereal moods, "Drifting" and "Pact" are the songs that will really take you a way on that dreamy voyage fans will love. "Drifting" is such a fitting title, because I think it fits the style, lyrics and music to perfection.

And finally, if you like some experimental or a little more noise in your music, there are some pieces here for everyone. "Bridgeburner" is the edgiest track with harsher elements in it. Experimental is the way I would describe several of the tracks at the end. They almost appear as "space filler" for the CD, but good enough and interesting enough to be enjoyable to listen to the entire album, including the hidden track at the end.

Overall a great album, and excellent for a debut. I hope this means there is more to come in the future of at least this quality or better!

Gothic Paradise

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