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Munkie "Progression"
Intelligent Dreampop exploring many different directions.

"Progression" by Munkie is a strong example of the chill genre, a finely crafted blend of downtempo beats and deep atmospheres with lush pads and bright melodies. Occasional vocal tracks stand alongside intrumentals in a tasteful and appealing blend.

Opening with "Collision (Sunrise Mix)", we're treated to an upbeat track filled with plucked guitar loops and uptempo percussion. A lovely start to the disc suggesting an optimism and positivity that will carry throughout.

"Arbitrary Love/Hate" is a blast of psychedelia amid a constantly shifting backdrop of stop and go drum patterns and choked guitar. Quite engaging this one.

"Shadows of Black" is a frantic bass heavy sweep through angular pads and treated vocals. Totally cyber, very Gibson-esque.

Skip ahead to the claustrophobic tones that open "Ghosts in the Machine", where a dark and dreary intro gives way to a percussion heavy track with percolating melodies and rising sounds that ebb and flow throughout. A fine example of cleverly executed IDM.

"Bright Rays of the Sun" uses a reggae flavor to propel the piece forward, a summertime love song filled with optimism and light.

"Going Home" is a light groove piece with wahwah guitar and brushed drum beats that evoke a Hooverphonic type vibe. Very nice work, very chilled.

Overall I think that "Progression" is a strong debut from a talented new performer. I trust that we'll be hearing more from them, and this is of course a good thing.

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last updated 07/24/07