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Nunc Stans "The Cerulean Suite"
Warm and rich ambience from the Data Obscura label

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A Logic of Dissolution

Nunc Stans is a recent addition to the dataObscura label and in keeping with labelmates The Circular Ruins and Lammergeyer, their first offering "The Cerulean Suite" is a beautiful disc of slowly building organic ambience, a fine example of minimalism sure to delight fans of the label's other releases.

Opening with "Endless in Itself", the disc begins with drifting and building pads that flow around the soundscape like waves. Slowly they give way to light melodic accompaniment, the track taking shape and form, gaining substance. It's a lovely track, a wonderful way to begin the disc.

"A Logic of Dissolution" follows, a liquid track with deep analog sounds blending in with more textural pads. Tones grow and build in intensity, weaving throughout the track to create a beautiful latticework of sound.

Track three, "It Passes Before You" follows a similar path, droning tones passing over top a steaming, gaseous mass of sound. It's a haunting piece, something that evokes images of fog and wet side streets and the sounds of footsteps in the distance. A brilliant piece that inspires a tremendous amount of imagery.

"Plane of Similitude" closes the disc, starting with very sparse and simple drones gaining in strength while distorted voices pass through the soundfield eventually being paired with a looping synth line. Very nice material that encapsulates a sense of wonder, mystery and possibility all at once.

Certainly dataObscura has been known for high quality releases that capture the ambient ideal. With the release of Nunc Stans' "The Cerulean Suite", the label has found yet another artist to continue this tradition. An excellent release well worth further investigation.

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