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a compilation of PiNG artists mixed by Rich Baker of Cymbl and ARC

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Sunspot Interference by dreamSTATE

As many of you know, ping things is very closely associated with The AMBiENT PiNG, Toronto's premier weekly live ambient performance event. Every Tuesday night the 'PiNG hosts some of the best live electronic music featuring both local and international performers. Every night is exciting and unique in it's own way and as a result it's earned a very positive reputation in both the Toronto music scene and around the world.

And now the 'PiNG is poised to become even more highly regarded with the release of PiNG AMBiENCE, a compilation CD put together by Rich Baker of Cymbl and ARC who is also a frequent guest every Tuesday night. This disc brings together a number of artists who have become PiNG regulars (both as performers and as attendees) in a long form mix designed to give listeners a taste of what the PiNG is all about. Featuring such luminaries in the scene as dreamSTATE, Sylken, ARC and Cheryl O, PiNG AMBiENCE is a fine example of the music that has made the AMBiENT PiNG so highly regarded. Featuring a variety of tones, emotions, textures, PiNG AMBiENCE is sure to bring more attention to what is fast becoming one of the most exciting and vital electronic music scenes going.

rik - ping things

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