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Sahra Featherstone "Sahra Featherstone"
an inspired collection of both traditional and contemporary work by one of Canada's premier harpists. Recommended.

elegant and magical, Sahra Featherstone's selftitled release is a blissful journey through worlds of wonder and delight. considered to be one of Canada's premier harpists, Sahra presents a combination of both traditional and contemporary pieces displaying her formidable talents, all of which blend together to create a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

opening with one of her own pieces, Joshua's Song, the listener is introduced to Sahra's mastery of the harp. paired with minimal bass and guitar, the tones of the harp stand out as a distinct and emotional voice, resonating with a wonder all of it's own. a perfect beginning.

Clergyman's Lament pairs cello and violin with the harp, creating one of the most beautiful works I've ever heard. the sense of loss, the sense of sadness in this piece is overwhelming in it's emotion and between you and i, it kinda brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it. it's really that good. i mean really, it would have to be for me to admit to that. in contrast Funky Butterfly follows with a more playful sensibility, fingers dancing around the harp, a sense of optimism, hope, better futures inherent in the piece. Can't figure out why but this song has a strong sense of courtship, a feeling of first kisses and the revealing of secret smiles. simply charming.

L'Aube Dans les Yeux is another of Sahra's own songs, this time finding her accompanied by violin and guitar. i quite enjoy this one, it has a sense of environment and location that i find quite calming, relaxing. i imagine green rolling fields, a breeze lightly blowing through the leaves of majestic trees. bliss.

i particularly like King of the Fairies, a lively song building in tempo throughout it's course. performed as a solo piece for harp it sets toes a-tappin' and heads a-bobbin' and i can only imagine what it would sound like in a live setting with a full band.

so can you tell that I really Really REALLY like this disc? Sahra Featherstone has tapped into a particular magic with this disc, a beguiling quality that celebrates the wonders of life and the beauty of the world around us. it touches the soul and inspires the heart. it brings smiles and tears and it gets the toes tappin'. what more could you ask for?

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