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Sara Ayers "A Million Stories"

Sara Ayers latest release for 2005 showcases her incredible talents!

"A Million Stories" is Sara Ayers' latest release, a moving study of environment and atmosphere, a tale spun through voice and sound and music, a true work of art by one of the most talented people I have had the joy of knowing.

It begins simply enough, a tone and a voice, the idea that there are more stories than just one. And then it goes from there...

Sara's voice is in fine form, wrapping around your ears, carressing your soul, enveloping your heart. Multitracked vocals play and intertwine with eachother, dancing overtop drones and waves and echoes and slight melodies. Movement comes and goes in waves, both literally and figuratively. I feel a sense of calm before the storm, a feeling of climatic location that both calms and excites. And it comes and it goes...

And it comes and it goes...

And it comes again. I feel like I'm racing through a thousand different lives, a thousand different times, each with something to say, something new, something unique, something distinct. She says "I feel like someone is watching me" and they are



It's beautiful, all of it, and as it washes over me, I feel part of something.

Something wonderful...

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