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Syntax Error "We're in it for the Money"

the first release by Syntax Error

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Drone in E

It's short and sweet, very succinct, straight to the point. "We're in it for the money" by Syntax Error is direct and focused in it's approach. Using a Speak and Spell to provide vocals for disc opener "HtLE", a slow downtempo groove provides the backdrop, synthlines subtly climbing in and out throughout the mix adding to and sweetening the vibe. A tasteful bassline runs throughout second song "Blue", sparse vocals passing by as percussion builds and swells but never overpowers the mix, leaving a respectful space for us to embrace the groove. Stunning.

Track four "Creation" burbles and wurbles in all the right places, a little freaky but in a good way that reminds me of something warm. In contrast "Droneine" whistles and blows in a most ominous manner that makes me feel quite cold. Quite an extreme, but effective nonetheless.

And the rest? It's all good, but I'm going to leave that for you to find out for yourself. If you're looking for something groovy and beaty, then Syntax Error is definitely for you.

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