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The Tunnel Singer "Cenote"
The latest release from the wonderfully talented Lee Ellen Shoemaker, featuring magical vocal performances old and new fans are sure to love!

It's always difficult to explain beauty and perfection to the uninitiated, to the unaware. Truth be told, in many cases one has to experience it for oneself to truly understand. It can be that way with art, with theatre, with film and most definately with music. "Cenote", the latest work by The Tunnel Singer, is one of those cases where words don't do it justice, where my descriptive skills, however weak or strong, won't be able to capture the essence of what this disc is all about. I might just as easily try to explain a sunset, or a shade of blue. It won't work without experiencing it for yourself.

Maybe a little background will help in trying to get my point across. Lee Ellen Shoemaker travels around the world looking for interesting and unique environments in which to sing. Environments that create a specific resonance as a result of the way it's been built, or the way they've been formed, or just about any lucky happenstance that creates an effected space. Using only her voice as an instrument, Lee Ellen vocalizes in these spaces, utilizing the space's natural resonance to effect her vocals. It's quite a beautiful thing to hear, something very special and intimate that connects with many of us on a primal level. After all, who hasn't marvelled at the wonder of their own voice as they pass through a tunnel or walking in a cave or any of a thousand other places?

For this release, Lee Ellen has recorded herself vocalizing at the Cistern Chapel, Fort Warden in Port Townsend, Washington. From all reports it's an absolutely amazing space, said to have a natural reverb that lasts up to 45 seconds before fading. Needless to say, Lee Ellen was able to create something magical in this space. From the opening track "Cenote" through to closer "Points of Light", Lee Ellen creates a stunningly beautiful environment for the listener to immerse themselves in, an environment that she creates with only her voice and the space itself in which she's singing. It's a truly wonderful and beautiful sound, the sound of realization and connection and epiphany, and this is the part where words fail me, where I can say nothing more to capture the feeling that this disc conveys. you'll have to trust me when I say that it's a thing of beauty, that it's worth hearing for yourself, that it's something you have to experience to truly appreciate. Go ahead, try it out, you can thank me for the suggestion later.

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