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Unwoman "Knowledge Scars"
a fantastic testimony to the beauty of synthesis, featuring beautiful vocals.

"Knowledge Scars is an impressive debut release from Erica Mulkey, an independent solo artist from California that under the appellation Unwoman has released a darkly erotic and thought-provoking collection of songs. Erica expresses her instrumental prowess as an accomplished vocalist, cellist, and keyboardist. Her style ranges from a kind of experimental trip hop to swirling darkwave atmosphere with just enough static and noise to give it that extra technical punch."

Matthew Heilman - Starvox

"Not only is Knowledge Scars something you'll not have heard anything even close to before, but it's quite possibly better than the majority of CDs you've lately been listening to. A bold claim, but of course this is only my personal opinion, biased, by the fact that it is so rare to find something this fresh, this new, nowadays."

grave - Darkcell Digital Music

"Knowledge Scars is an unpredictable and surprisingly likeable debut."

Octavia - Outburn Magazine (Issue 18)

"In Gilead" is inspired by Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's Tale" and like that book it's deeply disturbing. "Deeper Understanding" updates a Kate Bush song in a very impressive way. Elsewhere Mulkey tackles Crass and the Cure in imaginative fashion."

Anna Maria Stjärnell - www.collectedsounds.com

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