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Worthy Records

Last updated 06/06/09

Founded by Anne Sulikowski of Building Castles Out of Matchsticks (and assorted other projects), Worthy Records is one of the most innovative and eclectic electronic labels going these days. Based around the idea of a shared love of music combined with a respect for the rights of artists, Worthy has created a strong and diverse catalogue of material. From dark film noir soundscapes that namecheck Philip K. Dick, to dreamy environments, to improvisational sound collages, you'll surely find something to appeal to you in the Worthy catalogue.

Download "October Sky" by Building Castles Out of Matchsticks, free from the ping things net label!

titles by Worthy Records

Beef Terminal "Crosscheck and Departure"
a collection of previously unreleased material from Beef Terminal recorded between 1999 and 2004

Matt David "- 243 degrees celsius"
new music from Matt David on Worthy Records!

The Lonely Flight "Emotion.Flow"
a new release from Worthy Records

Low Frequency Pilot "Low Frequency Pilot"
moody and grey, restless

The Moral Universe Within "Break the Tooth (With a Chisel Like Apparatus)"
sonic experiments from Worthy Records

Phil Ogison "Behind the Seen"
A wonderful new release from Phil Ogison, featuring four inspired pieces.

Wierd State Inbetween "The First Day of Spring"
a studio from Wierd State Inbetween

Wierd State Inbetween "Harsh Winds, Many Flowers"
a blend of electronic styles from the minds of Building Castles Out of Matchsticks and The Lonely Flight

Wierd State Inbetween "It's You Who Made My Head Spin"
a live recording by Weird State Inbetween taken from a stunning live performance at the AMBiENT PiNG.