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Austere "Eco"
A slowly shifting "process piece" combining gradually shifting organic recordings with subtle Brainwave Encoding.

"Eco" is the second in a series of three discs by Austere exploring the subtle use of brainwave frequencies as applied to musical work in an effort to influence different states of conciousness. By applying theta waves to the music, the idea is to create a state of mind more attuned towards deep sleep, at which point the body enters a more restful period geared towards healing and restoration. There are also suggestions that theta waves play a part in both memory and learning functions as well. Fascinating ideas for a disc concept, and of course Austere are well known for their fascinating ideas.

In addition to its use of brainwave frequencies, "Eco" is also an example of Steve Reich's idea of process music, where phrases are layered overtop of eachother but are synched in different times so that the phrases create new patterns with eachother with every revolution. The end result is an organic tapestry of sounds that slowly evolves over time, where tones and ideas grow and change with every pass. It's a fascinating display of how simple actions can yield significant effects and I wouldn't be surprised if the sound of butterfly wings is one of the main sound sources used here...

Of course I'd be remiss in my review if I didn't spend some time discussing the sound of the disc, because as interesting as the concepts behind it are, you're really interested in hearing what the disc sounds like, right? Right. And I can assure you that as a fan of Austere's work, this release stands up with some of their best. Opening with a slow and sparse pulse, "Eco" builds up a calm and tranquil soundscape that lulls the listener into a state of meditation. From there the disc moves through a relaxing space where sounds are warm and inviting and one can't help but feel at ease in the space created. The disc excels as a drifting and dreaming drone work, a long form work where sounds stretch and evolve at a very slow rate, so subtle in their change that it's almost unnoticeable until you find yourself in a new space that sounds very different from where you started.

There's no question in my mind that Austere create fascinating and engaging work that satisfies their fans both artistically and conceptually. Without doubt, "Eco" carries on in that tradition, something that old and new fans can appreciate on a variety of levels. It's a disc that engages and inspires, and certainly in my experience it's proven to be a very successful relaxation and sleep aid. And really, given the ideas behind the disc,in the grand scheme of things I'd say that's pretty significant. Check out "Eco", and if you like what you hear, be sure to investigate "Convergence" and "Pulse", the other parts in Austere's brainwave trilogy.

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