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Last updated 11/13/07

I've always enjoyed a good mystery, and perhaps that's part of the appeal and charm of Austere. An enigmatic duo from Portland, Austere shun the spotlight prefering to let their music exist as it's own entity separate from themselves. Creating some of the most compelling and engaging work in the ambient genre, making music with equal parts high concept and a clever sense of humour, Austere have long been a ping things favorite. Equally comfortable making drones, minimalist ambience, process pieces and more, Austere are true masters of the ambient arts...

Titles by Austere

Austere "Convergence"
A single continuous long form track, a fabulous introduction to the beauty of Austere!

Austere "Eco"
A slowly shifting "process piece" combining gradually shifting organic recordings with subtle Brainwave Encoding.

Austere "Fade"
Four tracks of ambient bliss, appropriately enigmatic.

Austere "Pulse"
The third in a series of works utilizing the principles of Brainwave Encoding.

Austere "Remittance"
A revision, a redo, a reimagining, a renewal, but still a fresh and new work.

Austere "rorrim"
Studies in symmetry by the ever-intriguing Austere.

Austere and Stephen Philips "Faded"
A collaboration wherein a meeting of minds and a reimagining occurs...