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Austere "fade"
Four tracks of ambient bliss, appropriately enigmatic.

Austere's release "fade" is a collection of four long form tracks that capture the mastery of space and nuance that have become their trademark sound. Combining minimal and drone aesthetics, "fade" is an intriguing and engaging release from a project that I have long held in very high regard.

"swathe" opens the disc, an oscilating tone slowly moving through the soundfield. Other sounds blend in, adding to the track, creating something new. As it builds in strength, ghostly almost melodic phrases can be heard, something right on the edge of the senses. Beautiful.

It leads directly into "lid", a perfectly seemless blend where tones rise out of a drifting sea like light from a beacon. It's a mysterious track, something where shape and form are hidden by shadows and fog, where the known and the unknown are separated only by a thin skin that covers the surface. It's a struggle between the two, a push me pull you tug of war where one side only has the upper hand for a few seconds at best.

"tranque" follows, begining with a repeated tone, a steady sound that slowly but surely changes and drifts. As time passes, the track changes slightly becoming something new and different, while still retaining the sound of the initial tone. A fascinating instance of an engaging use of minimal sound sources to great effect.

"aire" incorporates a muted percussive pattern in it's opening seconds, that gives way to a pair of drones that play together. Slowly the sounds change becoming something completely new and distinct, a wholy different sound that hadn't existed previously. Very interesting and very evocative and a wonderful way to close the disc.

"fade" is a perfect example of Austere's work and an excellent starting point for those who haven't yet been exposed to the duo's charms. There are so many things to discover in this disc, a wonderful work that keeps revealing greater nuance with repeated listening. Highly recommended.

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