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Jonathan Hughes "Fluidities"
a double disc of solo pieces and collaborative work by Jonathan Hughes.

With the release of "Fluidities", Jonathan Hughes has created a fascinating experiment in ambience. Featuring two CDs of eleven tracks each, all of the tracks six minutes in length and written in similar keys, the discs of "Fluidities" are meant to be listened to simultaneously in any combination. Tracks are supposed to blend and entwine with eachother in order to create new pieces through synthesis.

While most double disc collection would feature a couple of hours of music, "Fluidities" offers a potential of over twelve hours given that there are 121 possible combinations of tracks. And I think when you start considering the possibilities here it becomes clear that we're talking about the ambient ideal, music that can be listened to with whatever level of involvement the listener is willing to give it. You have to be pretty committed to fully explore this disc. But if you don't have that opportunity, it's okay, the music exists by itself just as well, just as easily.

Outside of it's conceptual framework, "Fluidities" is a brilliant collection of pieces, some of the work by Hughes himself, some tracks collaborations between Hughes and other artists, and still more pieces by a variety of talents in the ambient genre. Saul Stokes, Michael Bentley, Dean Santomieri, Interstitial, dreamSTATE and more all contribute to the disc, all adding something new and unique to the mix. I could go into detail about all the tracks, even comment on the aspects of various combinations, but to be honest any comments I make would only scratch the surface. Better to listen for yourself and experience it on your own. You have my word that there's some beautiful work here, ranging from flowing ambient elegance, to mirror worlds of dark matter and abstract patterns. A little something for everyone. And whether you can find just an hour or a full twelve hour chunk of time, you're sure to discover something beautiful and inspired.

rik - ping things

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