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Jonathan Hughes "Trillium"
Pulsing and dreaming.

Washing over you with sweeping pads of sound, pulsing, orbiting, "Trillium" is a beautiful collection of pieces by Jonathan Hughes filled with organic sensibility. Constantly flowing in new directions and pathways, the songs on "Trillium" move and grow in such a way as to suggest to me a living entity brought to life through alchemy rather than biology. Use of tones in a percussive manner, lush sounds that evolve and reshape themselves, the sense of "breathing" pulses, they all give form to a new entity, a new lifeform.

Tracing through the womb-like sounds of disc-opener "Imatra", to the self-discovery implied in "Alta" and the soft reflections of "Lua", and ending with the percussive summation of "Ganymede", "Trillium" is a work that I believe runs parallel to our own life experiences, our own existence. It's a disc that I think we can all identify with, and a work that it's listeners will carry inside for some time to come. Beautiful and inspired.

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