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Lammergeyer "Borrowed Time"
The latest release by Lammergeyer.

A new project by Anthony Paul Kerby of The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer has created a highly emotional body of work using a combination of electronic and more organic sounds. The third in a series of releases in a similar vein, Lammergeyer's "Borrowed Time" is a study in beautiful and lush tones.

Opening with "Prolegomena", a mournful melody slowly builds accompanied by light percussion and keyboard work. Constantly moving, shifting, tones change shape and respond to eachother in an almost organic manner. Beautiful.

Skip ahead to track four, "Point of Intersection" where the sound of keyboards echo the sounds of a sparse rain, minimal drones and metalic tones sliding across one another.

With "Echoes" the sound of oscillating drones like radar waves bounce back and forth through the ether. A low hum slowly rises and falls throughout anchoring the piece, while minimal keyboard work adds a sense of wonder.

"Anything can be Everything" pairs steam like tones with starbright chimes in an unlikely blend that works very effectively together. Gaining a certain mechanical quality to it, the song is slowly overtaken by a series of metallic hits that create an impressive tension.

"That Suddenly Are Real" features a pumping squelchy bassline that wraps around itself, entwining other more subtle melodies in a tight grip. Sound fades in and out with a seeming randomness thad adds colour and depth making it all the more striking in it's beauty. What a beautiful track!

With each listen to "Borrowed Time" I find new sounds, new melodies, and new themes to discover. All of the songs here are treasures to be discovered again and again. "Borrowed Time" is truly a fabulous release who's effects have stayed with me long after the last tones have faded away.

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