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Last updated 12/2/12

performing under the name of Numina, Jesse Sola has created some of the most beautiful and moving ambient work of the last few years. a long time personal favorite of mine, Numina captures the sounds of the cosmos, the passing of the ages, the birth and death of stars. a true artist and a true wonder, the work of Numina is well worth further investigation by all fans of the ambient genre.

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Titles by Numina

Numina "Dawn of Obscurity"
Jesse Sola, aka Numina, returns with this stunning new release.

Numina "The Deception of Reality"
New music from Jesse Sola for 2012! Another brilliant release from Numina on the Hypnos label.

Numina "Eye of the Nautilus"
Another collection of stunning and beautiful works by the brilliant Jesse Sola.

Numina "The Haunting Silence"
Atmospheric, electronic, ethereal.

Numina "Sanctuary of Dreams"
Another masterpiece of the ambient genre from Jesse Sola.

Numina "Shift to the Ghost"
The latest from Numina on the Hypnos label! Long form ambience at it's finest!

Numina "Solace"
A re-release of Jesse Sola's dark, dreamy, and beautiful work.

Numina "Sound Symbols"
Jesse Sola reimagines work previously heard in a ping things exclusive ALMOST LiVE SESSiOn, creating an exciting and new addition to his impressive library of work!

Numina "Subterranean Landscapes"
Numina's latest release, an impressive return to the ambient scene.

Numina "Symbiotic Spaces"
A double disc collection from Numina featuring rare and unreleased tracks!

Numina and Ixohoxi "Starfarer's Tales Volume 1"
A reissue of the legendary collaboration between Numina and Ixohoxi. Essential listening.

Numina and Ixohoxi "Starfarer's Tales Volume 2"
A follow up to the original collaborative album by Numina and Ixohoxi.