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URM "Synthphonics 2: Hush on the Peace Terrain"
the second volume in Jamie Todd's series of long form explorations of sound.

"Jamie Todd of dreamSTATE returns with the second volume in his Synthphonics series, "Hush on the Peace Terrain". Utilizing the Reason software system, Jamie has created a lush and emotional series of soundscapes linked conceptually by recent world events.

Unlike it's predecessor, "Hush..." uses shorter pieces of differing thematic natures to tell it's story, and while maintaining a link in terms of sound, each piece retains a distinct personality and identity indicative of a particular instant. From the quiet movement of "Dawn" into the shifting and evolving darkness of "Pillars Crumble Into Chaos", through to the slow pulse of closing track "New American Century", "Hush on the Peace Terrain" brilliantly captures the effects that current events have had on all of us. A very moving collection of songs, and a very impressive addition to the Synthphonics series."

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